Documents & Resources

Below is a list of resources and other materials that have come out of various SEWI regional meetings that are useful for library staffs.

Care of Library Materials

These documents came out of the moderated SEWI Care of Library Materials Meeting, held virtually in August 2021. Meeting participants discussed and shared information regarding vendor and service suppliers, creating and mantaining non-traditional items (i.e. kits, binge boxes, cake pans, puzzles, etc.), special projects, and classes, webinars or readings regarding the preparation, repair, care, circulation and management of library materials.

  • Resource List 2021: This list provides libraries with a starting place for finding suppliers of supplies and supplementary instruction and information. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.
  • Library Discards List 2021: This document lists places to discard your library materials–for cash or credit, for donations, for trade or exchange, and other methods.
  • SEWI Materials Meetup Shared Document 2021: This contains a summary of the discussions on the following topics at the August 2021 meeting:
    • Vendor and service suppliers — from acquisitions to weeding
    • Non-traditional library materials
    • Update on special library projects since reported in 2020
    • Classes, webinars or readings that were valuable in preparing, repairing, care, circulating or management of library materials
    • Miscellaneous

Care of Local History Collections

Go to the web page and view video recordings and slides from Milwaukee Public Library Archivists Cassandra (Casey) Lapworth and Robert (Bob) Jaeger as they cover basic information on how libraries can curate a collection and care for different types of materials. You can view the each video separately. If you view all of the videos, it will take you a total of 70 minutes. You can also find a recording of the November 17, 2022 follow-up webinar where Casey and Bob answered your questions, expanded on some areas, provided additional preservation resources. Below is the list of topics you will find on this web page:

  • Curating a Local History Collection
  • Media & Oral Histories
  • Photographs
  • Artifacts
  • Ephemera & Oversized Materials
  • Paper & Print Materials